The Dog House: Tips for dog owners looking for a new home

1. Homeowners Association

If an HOA exists in a neighborhood you’re interested in make sure to read the documents with a clear understanding of what restrictions for pets are listed. Some HOA’s limit the number of pets, type / breed,  and /or size of pets. This is extremely Important, especially if you have a large dog.  

2. Flooring

You wouldn’t think about this one, but the type of flooring in the house is a critical to keep in mind. Some may be slippery or the surface can scratch easily, which isn’t fun for you or your pet. This is important for safety and maintenance.

3. Go Fetch!

Look for an area that is convenient for you and the dog to go outside and play or be walked. It’s always nice to have a fenced, walled or gated area close to or attached to the home. Ensure the well-being and quality of life for both you and your pup.

4. Location Location Location

How close to a main road or railroad tracks is the home located? If your dog ends up in a homeward bound situation you want to make sure there is a cushion of safety between your home and danger.

5. Noise Pollution

Is the home close to a location where there would be high pitch noise such as sirens or high electrical frequency such as high tension wires or a barking ordinance that may
Impact your living.

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