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How to Leave a Legacy


The term “legacy” comes up often in my social circle. What can I, or my family, do to leave a lasting legacy donation that will benefit my community – forever?

I am a current board member of the Dr. P. Phillips YMCA. The children of our community, are the future. I think there is a large part of our community that don’t realize there are thousands of kids and families that have need for financial help.

How did I leave my legacy?

My most recent and largest to date community donation is a $500,000 endowment to the Dr. P. Phillips YMCA.

A brand new 3,000 square foot child development center (part of the $10,000,000 expansion going on now) will be named the Paul McGarigal Family Child Development Center upon completion in next few months.

How did I do it?

I funded this donation through an irrevocable trust and purchase a $500,000 life insurance policy that will go directly to the YMCA upon my death. This will fund about a 5% return each year – $25,000 – which will be needed to continue serving all the kids that go through my Paul McGarigal Family Child Development Center – forever.

How you can too:

Since I started this foundation donation at the DP YMCA, we’ve had a combined $2,300,000 of additional legacy gifts from some of the most generous and thoughtful people in our community! So if anyone reading this and would like to explore how to leave a Legacy Gift to a great cause like the dpymca you are welcome to contact Mr. Ryan Smith – Executive Director at the Dr. P. Phillips YMCA (407) 351- 9417 he would be happy to help you leave your legacy.

Let’s face it, life is short. And, when it’s all over, we want to be remembered for doing something great. The question is: What do I do? Followed by, how do I do it?

Here a few key questions to help YOU get started:

What are you passionate about?

Think about what grabs your attention so deeply that you struggle to take it back and direct it toward something else. An area that sparks your imagination and drives you. It could be the environment, animals, sports, politics, technology, community, or anything else!

Who or what needs your help?

Now, how can you help in this area? Find an area or organization that appeals to you. It could be an existing organization like the YMCA, Boys and Girls Club, WWF, PAC, league, etc. Or, you could start your own.

Where can you help?

Perhaps there needs to be more awareness about the topic, you can lead and fund a campaign to spread the knowledge. Or maybe, the location needs improvements – funding a new development is an incredible way to do good and leave your mark. Can you imagine? There will be a wall with your name on it for decades to come.

By: Paul McGarigal

Paul McGarigal is a praised realtor and active member of the community. His knowledge of the area and commitment to finding you exactly what you want quickly and seamlessly has won the hearts of countless home buyers and sellers, alike. His passion is also apparent through his work with the community, he was the YMCA’s 2014 Ronnie Walker Unsung Hero Award recipient. This award honors individuals who selflessly give their time and talent to the YMCA’s cause.


For help funding your passion or finding your home please visit: or feel free to call –   Cell: (407) 761-1428  Business: (407) 345-1133

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