14 Ways You Know You’re From Dr. Phillips

1. “You’re used to the sounds of screams from Universal Studios at your football games.” – Erik Lengyel

2. “You can drive the back road through Pine Springs and around Lake Marsha to get between Turkey Lake and DP Blvd. blindfolded.” – Dave Nevill


3. “You still get lost in sand lake hills.” – Joanna

4. “You watched Universal Studios being built from bulldozers and dirt to the mega park it is today!” – Susie Smith

5. “You are in Universal Studios and can say I live around the corner!” – Alejandra Gallagher

6. “Your family holiday traditions includes finding your favorite Christmas tree at Ciro & Sons.” – William J. Shultz

7. “You have pictures of your kids with Santa, the Easter Bunny and Trick-or-Treating at the Marketplace.” – Jennifer Patterson

8. “You walk into Trader Joes and the extremely nice staff recognize you and light up with their giant smiles!” – Lee Morgan

9. “You can recall when Apopka-Vineland was a dirt road.” – Karan Lee Wienker

10. “You remember the only grocery store was Goodings.” – Lynn


11. “You remember when Gooding’s used to give you plastic number cards and you would drive your car through their drive-through area to pick up your groceries that would come rolling down their rolling ramp.” – Christi Story

12. “You know to stay in the middle lane on I-4 East until the Sand Lake Exit and crossover at the end since you are turning left to Dr. Phillips and the rest of Orlando is turning right.” – Richard Steinfeld

13. “You’re ecstatic any time a Dr. Phillips team beats anybody from West Orange, Boone, Winter Park, Oakridge, Jones, Apopka” – Bryan

14. “You know your neighbors, restaurants and business owners in your community. You become a family. It’s Home :)” – Susan Hilsberg

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